Business Process Automation

Business Process is the nervous system of your enterprise. Automation of mundane tasks is important for you and your staff to focus on the most critical things that matter for your driving more profits. With the army of Business Process Experts who understands your industry dynamics and carry years of experience with modern technology, we help you throughout the lifecycle of process automation within your business.

How we work

  • 1. Blueprint Documentation

    With a structured teams involving a balanced participation of BPM expert from Korecent, process owners and process users, we conduct workshops to document the existing processes and expectations from the final system

  • 2. Gap Analysis

    With constant dialogues between users, system experts and BPM experts each and every process documented in the previous phase is deeply analysed to find the possibilities of minimum deviation and efforts to roll out the desired system

  • 3. Configuration & Development

    Post the gap analysis the BPM experts with the due involvement of technical development team reuses existing codes, components from rich repository and systems to quickly create the required systems.

  • 4. User Acceptance & Training

    Once the system is ready, master data and legacy data is loaded into the system to conduct the user workshops for acceptance and training to make users comfortable with the new changes to their usual style of working

  • 5. Go-Live & Support

    Once the satisfaction and confidence of users is achieved, in a planned and phased manner the new digitally automated system is adopted within the working culture with due hand holding and support help-desk.

  • 6: Continuous improvements

    With constant monitoring of the automated business process, scouting of new areas of improvements within your key performance indicators is unending.


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