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How KoreCent helped Biiibo reach its customer at lighting speed


“KoreCent played a crucial role in turning our situation around. After facing significant setbacks with a previous vendor that resulted in both time and financial losses, we stepped in as a dependable saviour. Their ERP implementation not only resolved our issues but also transformed our distribution operations beyond our initial expectations. The Supplier Portal has streamlined our interactions, optimizing our supply chain, while the E-commerce Website has elevated our customer experience. Their team's expertise, personalized solutions, and dedication to our success make them an invaluable partner. With a seamless transition and exceptional support, we confidently recommend KoreCent to businesses aiming for operational excellence.”
Iris Espinosa/Distribuidora Mia

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"We value the effort KoreCent made to understand our business. They were flexible enough to tailor their service offering. As a result, they could suggest IT solutions that were specially designed according to our business. The provided solution allowed the academy to better control costs, identify and measure KPIs, and minimize aircraft downtimes"


Founder of Canada Aviation Academy

Proud Customers

Proud Customers


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