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We make it easier to manage the complete spectrum of aircraft operations, including flight planning, tracking and dispatching, maintenance management, training, and revenue management

Empowering aviation with digitization

Airline business needs a lot of services. From booking flights and managing routes to managing inventory, flight crews and ground staff, you need to stay on top of it all. Korecent’s unique system allows you to capture and integrate every aspect of your airline business into one seamless platform.

Predictive Maintenance

Don’t let your aircraft sit idle for long periods of time.  With KoreCent’s aviation solution, you can make sure that your maintenance is being planned right from the beginning.

Training management

The Korecent Aviation Training Management System streamlines the entire training delivery process, allowing you to focus on your students and their progress.

Flight Crew Operations Management Systems

Using KoreCent’s integrated crew scheduling and human resources software, managers can quickly and efficiently manage all of their crews from a single location.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Safety and reliability are key to the success of any flight. MRO in aviation is the maintenance of aircraft and equipment. It covers everything from repairing a single component to major overhauls of an entire aircraft.


As the MRO industry continues to evolve, The benefits of a connected world are becoming more visible. The combination of data collected from thousands of sensors can create an accurate picture of aircraft health and performance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) technology will revolutionize air traffic management and increase safety for both air and ground traffic. With AR, pilots will be able to have a 360-degree view of the airport environment. As a result, pilots can keep their eye on the air traffic and fly safely.

Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

At KoreCent Solutions, we take pride in our ability to quickly understand your business needs and provide you with the best possible digital solutions for your company. Our focus on creating high-impact solutions has helped us achieve impressive growth and market dominance.

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