RCC BPO’s journey towards enhanced business operations and increased revenue

about our customer

RCC BPO (Ready Call Center) is a full fledge BPO service provider in North America’s Region with a good strength of more than 2000 employees, close to 2 million calls per month as a call volume and more than million messages per month as a outreach volume.
A leading BPO into service since last 16 years based our Belize is catering to the demands of Americas region offering Customer Support, Sales telemarketing, Technical Support, Marketing outreach, data processing, Debt collection and many more. They offer simplest, most cost-effective solutions for all call center needs or any scale of enterprise. And they are fully PCI certified.

the problem

For managing the large scale teams and complex business processes they always felt a need for a strong, scalable and versatile digital backbone. For a company like RCC BPO the real assets are the human resources and the biggest challenge for such a business is the employee satisfaction. To manage human resources well, digital systems with strong capabilities that complement human behavior become imperative.

the solution

KoreCent Solutions has developed highly customized and automated system, right from the native mobile apps to the backend system that helped RCC BPO to streamline their overall operations in better ways.

the achievements

With the use of customized ERP system RCC BPO is successful in achieving

  • - cost control
  • - increased customer experience
  • - increased profits
  • - earn more profits by identification and measurement of KPI

many more….