Korecent provides a full ecommerce solution, including an online store, a shopping cart, order management, shipping, payments, customer support and many more

Game-changing technologies for ecommerce businesses

We all understand how critical it is to have resources available online. As more people buy and make purchases online, the growth of ecommerce is projected to accelerate. When we talk about digital transformation in the ecommerce industry, we’re talking about more than just putting products and services online

Personalized product recommendations

Businesses can utilize AI to increase conversion rates by serving a product that matches what your customer wants – or needs – in the moment

Digital Twin

Digital twins allow businesses to create digital representations of their physical products. These digital twins are created to allow customers to see and interact with their product, before they purchase it.

Automated tracking and logistics

IoT technology, by making use of  IoT sensors and RFID tags , allows ecommerce companies to track consumer orders from the time they are placed until they arrive at the customer’s door.

We keep things simple, putting you in control so you can make informed choices about how best to manage your business.

A decade ago, we founded KoreCent with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with people. Today, we conceive, design, develop and maintain applications for web, mobile and beyond. By leveraging technology to expand your reach.

Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

At KoreCent Solutions, we take pride in our ability to quickly understand your business needs and provide you with the best possible digital solutions for your company. Our focus on creating high-impact solutions has helped us achieve impressive growth and market dominance.

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Omnichannel utilise multiple marketing channels that are interconnected in such a way that the customer has a personalised and seamless experience regardless of the channel they are on.

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These digital transformation technologies are proving to be a game changer in the ecommerce business

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