DaaS: Accelerate your way to becoming a data-driven enterprise

Discover how DaaS enables organizations to leverage cloud-based data management, storage, processing, and analytics to become agile, flexible, and data-driven

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We are living in a data revolution and organizations are realizing the potential benefits of making data work for them. Organizations are rushing to become data-driven businesses. That’s why Data as a Service | DaaS is gaining popularity.

As a service, data is the new oil. It is fueling innovation across industries and the world is going digital. Data, especially when it’s processed, analyzed, and visualized correctly, can transform businesses to the next level.

Data processing has never been easier, and with Data as a Service, businesses can finally say goodbye to the hassle and cost of managing their own IT infrastructure.

You must be aware bout SaaS (Software as a Service), a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and provide a way of delivering applications over the Internet.

But what is DaaS ?

Data as a Service is a cloud-based data management strategy and deployment model that provides a number of data-related services such as storage, processing, and analytics. DaaS is utilized for provisioning critical data on demand. 

Just as SaaS eliminates the need to install and manage applications locally. DaaS uses the cloud for managing, storing, and processing data. 

Data as a Service (DaaS) lets you use and interact with your data, wherever and whenever you want. It eliminates the requirement to manage data and processes locally.

Benefits of Data as a Service | DaaS

Greater flexibility

DaaS is more flexible as compared to the on-premises alternative and can be altered according to the business needs of a company. Furthermore, the ability to share files in real-time allows businesses to be more agile and flexible.

Removing the need for internal data storage

Data as a Service uses the cloud to store and deliver data. Therefore removing the need of storing data internally, making it more secure and safe.

Automated maintenance

The DaaS provider manages and updates the platform tools and services automatically, including the newest cloud-based services and upgrades, leaving users free to focus on their business.

Lower Risks

Businesses that rely on guesswork frequently fail. DaaS provides valuable insights that can assist in making better decisions based on actual data rather than guesswork. DaaS helps to mitigate the risks associated with contradictory or inadequate data views, as well as poor data quality.

How to get started with data as a service

Choose a right DaaS solution

There are many factors to consider when selecting a DaaS offering including price, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and how simple it is to integrate the DaaS with existing workflows.

Choosing a vendor

Identifying your organization’s actual data requirements is the first step in selecting a vendor. Your vendor choice should be based on how successfully the solution met your company’s requirements. Remember that this choice should meet your present and future requirements.

It’s also critical to understand the vendor’s security policies and processes in order to protect your company’s data. Director & President of Canada Aviation Academy, Mr. Ravgunn Singh in an interview said “Data insight is a priority for us in the modern-day business context and for all our technological needs we conducted a thorough vendor selection where we discovered Korecent Solutions to be a strong dependable and mature organization to be our digital transformation partner.” 

Data migration into the DaaS solution

Data migration is also an important part of the overall process of transferring on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. It is required to unify information from numerous sources into a single central repository.


Working with data can provide many competitive advantages, but many firms have battled with internal data management. DaaS has proven to be an effective solution to such situations. Some businesses are already using DaaS to accelerate and simplify the process of gaining insights from data. It is eliminating infrastructure redundancy by maintaining data in a single location. DaaS is becoming increasingly popular as more businesses migrate to the cloud. The journey to being data-driven is ongoing, not a one-time thing.  So it’s time to transform your company into a data-driven powerhouse. 


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