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Enterprise Application services

We offer ERP portals, MIS and business systems that help in managing the stakeholders of a business irrespective of size and geographical scope. Get a free consultation now!

Cloud Enablement

KoreCent Solutions provides a range of services to help companies embrace the power of the cloud. You can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without having to worry about managing it.

Robotic Process Automation

With a sound approach to Robotic Process Automation we help you streamline your internal processes, where people and technology play their part in synchrony, enabling better insight into trends and opportunities for business.

Accounting and tax services

If maintaining account books and keeping records of taxation bother you, distracts you or your team, you can rely on us for maintaining these with our experts and specialized systems.
Digital Transformation Services

KoreCent Solutions provides a detailed digital transformation strategy for your organization. Based on deep understanding of your business goals and objectives, we deliver a plan to achieve the desired outcomes through a phased digital transformation. We offer an array of services that enable your business to move faster.

Canada Aviation Academy Journey towards minimized aircraft downtime, more profit..

With the use of customized erp system Canada Aviation management is successful in achieving cost control, more profit..

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Digital transformation case study

How KoreCent helping Biiibo reach its customer at lighting speed

KoreCent Solutions developed a highly automated and streamlined system, right from the native mobile apps to the backend system that maintains the accounts, orders, distribution, employee data, payroll, and many more…

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Biiibo is a happy customer with a great system, which enables better revenue streams.

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Korecent Solutions provides a detailed digital transformation strategy for your organization. Based on deep understanding of your business goals and objectives, we deliver a plan to achieve the desired outcomes through a phased digital transformation.


Driving Digital: The leader’s guide to business transformation through technology

Even as technology advances, the ability to transition into a digital business remains difficult.

Take your profitability up north with omnichannel Ecommerce

The majority of firms nowadays use multichannel strategy. However, only a few companies successfully implement omnichannel, gaining a competitive advantage.

Business & Digital Transformation for family-run businesses

Family businesses play a huge role in our economy. According to statistics, family firms provide more than 70% of the world’s GDP overall and employ 75% of the global workforce.

The Benefits of Migrating to an ERP System: What QuickBooks Can’t Do

Migrating to an ERP system is one of the most important investments a business can make. QuickBooks is a popular accounting tool, but it’s not perfect for every company.

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How KoreCent helped Coffee-Bike GmbH overcome all the challenges of the supply chain across its network
Having a vast network of the franchise, it was always big stress on the supply chain. KoreCent, with it’s immense knowledge of financial supply chain management systems, customized the ERP system to an extent that helped Coffee-bike increase their profits, decrease the raw material shortages and outages across franchises.

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We found Team KoreCent to be very profesional and honest since we have engaged with them. They have been very proactive across the board which helped us generate exponential value out of our Business.
Roger Sabat


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