How ERPNext helps the healthcare sector

Discover how ERPNext, an All-In-One Healthcare Software, revolutionizes the healthcare sector by simplifying access to medical records, and providing control over finance and inventory

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Businesses in the health sector need to stand out due to the hike in competition in the healthcare industry. They need to adopt a technology that will help them to be future. Here comes ERPNext, All-In-One Healthcare Software. Let’s explore how ERPNext helps the healthcare sector.

Easier Access to Medical Records

It is crucial for the hospital staff to have quick access to patient’s records whenever necessary. It has been observed that the majority of hospitals are still utilising outdated software. Even paper records to keep track of patient information, which takes time to manually look for.

ERPNext solves this problem as it is one destination for all the data. All of your critical data will be available at your fingertips.

With the Patient Repository feature, we can save all the details of the patient in one place. Documents like appointments, history, and encounters will be linked and accessible through the repository.

You can access any patient’s historical records like allergies, previous prescriptions, patient interactions with doctors, and more, with the help of reports like Patient history. ERPnext enables you to follow a patient’s lifecycle starting with their initial contact with your healthcare facility.
Additionally, With Patient Encounter functionality, you can record every encounter with patients. All patient-related information, including the most recent vital signs, patient records, and other crucial data. It will be filled and automatically fetched in other related documents using this feature.

More control over finance

ERPNext’s online accounting system integrated with healthcare simplifies the entire accounting process. With the help of ERPnext, you can effortlessly bill your clients and follow up on unpaid accounts with payment reminder emails and SMS alerts. 

ERP tracks supply and service expenses, reducing the chance of inventory errors.

Keeping track of supplies

ERPNext helps simplify inventory management by integrating it with the healthcare domain. You can view medicines and equipment availability, stock levels in warehouses, stock transfers, and more in real time.  Businesses can also track the stock of drugs, medical equipment, assets, and more by scanning barcodes. 

ERPNext also helps in the automatic creation of material requests. It keeps track of an item’s reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, it will automatically create a material request. By doing this, you can avoid stock exhaustion and restock inventory at the right time.

Additionally, ERPnext also provides batch item feature which is useful to set the expiry date of multiple Items or move them together to different Warehouses.

Simple appointment management

Each practitioner’s timetable recorded in ERPnext. There is no possibility of confusion regarding reserving an appointment slot twice because every practitioner’s schedule is completely visible during the booking process.

You can even automate notification emails sent as soon as a patient books a consultation. 

With ERPNext you can automatically create a Sales Invoice as soon as the appointment booked. You can set up default charges for appointment booking according to the appointment type or healthcare Practitioner.

Analytics, Reports help in Strategic Planning

ERPNext helps in providing real-time insights that can help leaders to take the right action. It provides information on areas such as patient visits, budgeting, procurement, and more which can help in making strategic planning. Reports can also give information on your budget which can help in taking crucial action regarding spending.

For example, reports like Appointment Analytics help you get insights into the number of Appointments created according :

Medical Departments and Healthcare Practitioners

Patient Medical History Report can help in high-quality care.
The Inpatient Medication Orders Report shows all the data related to the medication orders for inpatients.

Gets rid of discrepancies

You cannot afford any misalignment in a field where there is a thin line between life and death.

Managing all medical departments and healthcare service units is crucial in the healthcare industry so that patients can receive the best care possible at the right time.

In legacy systems, all data scattered and thus slowed down important decisions.

But, there are no inconsistencies or confusion with the ERPNext solution because it unites departments and unifies data. As a result, there is better communication between each team.

Summing up

Possibilities with ERPNext are unlimited as it is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet specific business needs. With ERPNext you can access data at any time anywhere.

By implementing the ERPNext solution for your business, you can unify all the records including patients, healthcare practitioners, appointments, transactions, and inventory in a centralized location. Should you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.


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