Frappe Framework

Elevate your web development with frappe framework - effortlessly achieve efficiency, productivity, and innovation

Frappe framework is a free and open-source web application development platform that empowers developers to focus on their application's core features, while eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming development tasks

Whether you're a startup looking to build your first application or a large enterprise looking to streamline your workflows and improve efficiency, our services can help you achieve your goals

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Metadata first

Frappe prioritizes metadata, with everything being a DocType. DocTypes can be effortlessly defined without the need for coding, making them universally applicable

Administrative User Interface

Frappe features a robust Single Page Application (SPA) equipped with integrated forms, lists, search functionalities, and seamless navigation

Roles and Permissions

User roles and permissions are customizable, providing out-of-the-box applications across all interactions


With a modular architecture, users can easily create their own apps, which can be further extended by other applications

REST API + Webhooks

Frappe seamlessly integrates with other systems through its REST API and Webhooks, ensuring authentication-based connectivity on all models

Job Scheduler

Background workers and periodic tasks, powered by Python RQ, can be configured effortlessly using Frappe's Job Scheduler

Frappe boasts excellent support based on NodeJS and utilizes Redis pub-sub for efficient communication

Email Configuration

Managing emails becomes hassle-free with Frappe's SMTP and IMAP-based email account setup, allowing users to send, receive, view, and manage emails effortlessly

Multi-tenant Architecture

Frappe's database-driven multi-tenant architecture facilitates the hosting of multiple sites on a single server with ease

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Frappe Framework - Build faster and better!

Rapid Development: Developers can build system up to 10x faster than traditional development methods
Modular architecture: It enables developers to quickly add, modify or remove features as needed, without disrupting the entire server
Comprehensive suite of modules: It comes with a range of pre-built modules, including desk, website, CRM, accounting, HR, manufacturing, projects, and healthcare, which can be customized and extended as per the requirements of the application
User-friendly interface: This user-friendly interface makes it easy for developers to manage all aspects, including user roles, permissions, workflows, and more
Robust Security: It comes with built-in security features that protect from malicious attacks and ensure data privacy

Frappe Framework - Build faster and better!
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