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predictive maintenance

don't let your aircraft sit idle for long periods of time. With korecent's aviation solution, you can make sure that your maintenance is being planned right from the beginning

training management

streamline the entire training delivery process, allowing you to focus on your students and their progress

flight crew operations management

using korecent's integrated crew scheduling and human resources software, managers can quickly and efficiently manage all of their crews from a single location

digitalize. optimize. innovate.

we make it easier to manage the complete spectrum of aircraft operations, including flight planning, tracking and dispatching, maintenance management, training, and revenue management

why choose us for your aviation maintenance?


expertise and experience

we have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in aviation maintenance. Our team of experts has the expertise and knowledge needed to provide top-quality services to airlines of all sizes


tailored solutions

we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific maintenance needs. Whether you need help with routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or complex overhauls, we have the expertise and experience to help


cost-effective solutions

we offer cost-effective solutions that help airlines reduce costs, improve performance, and increase profits. Our solutions are designed to help reduce costs, improve performance, and increase profits


cutting-edge technology

we use cutting-edge technology to streamline and optimize our maintenance services. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase safety

canada aviation academy journey towards minimized aircraft downtime, more profit.

smart flight solutions

easily manages safety and compliance, ensuring that your aviation business complies with all regulations and industry standards.

safety and compliance management

provides real-time flight tracking, flight planning, and flight dispatch. Also helps in optimizing flight schedules, reducing fuel costs and improving on-time performance.

flight operations management

keeps track of maintenance schedules, parts inventory, and maintenance records. Helps companies minimize downtime by predicting and scheduling maintenance needs in advance.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

manages the acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of aircraft. Also helps in tracking utilization and costs, ensuring that their aircraft are being used efficiently and cost-effectively.

fleet management

manages the scheduling, training, and payroll of crew. Minimize crew-related costs by optimizing schedules and ensuring that the right crew are assigned to the right flights.

crew management

manages finances, including accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting. Help companies improve financial performance by providing real-time financial information and helping to identify cost-saving opportunities.

financial management

manages the HR function, including payroll, benefits administration, employee record-keeping and much more.

human resources management

manages customer interactions, including booking, ticketing, and customer service etc.

customer relationship management

manages the procurement of goods and services, ensuring that your aviation business has the resources it needs to operate.

supply chain management

provides real-time data and analytics to help airlines make informed decisions about their operations.

analytics and business intelligence

manages important aviation documents, such as flight manuals, maintenance records, and safety reports.

document management

helps airlines optimize their pricing strategies, forecast demand, and manage their revenue.

revenue management

manages fuel procurement and consumption, helping airlines reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency.

fuel management

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