Success story of
Canada Aviation Academy

CAA Journey towards minimized aircraft downtime, more profit

About our Customer

Canada Aviation Academy (CAA) is a Transport Canada Civil Aviation-approved flight training school in Abbotsford, BC.

Challenge - Turbulent Times

CAA’s business system was ill-equipped to handle a growing fleet and diverse training programs, resulted in:

1. Inefficient Fleet Management: The system couldn't cope with growing complexities of managing a varied aircraft fleet, hindering maintenance planning and inventory control.
2. Increased Operational Cost: Lack of system transparency made highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimize operational costs.
3. Disruptive Downtime: The old system wasn't suited for proactive maintenance scheduling which led to unexpected aircraft downtime and disruptions in training schedules.

The Solution - Fixing the Auto-Pilot

CAA partnered with KoreCent for design and implementation of a bespoke full scale ERP solution to address their needs. KoreCent's solution included:

1. Tailored Aircraft Management: The ERPNext platform was extended to manage aircraft fleet operations, including scheduling, maintenance planning, and inventory control.
2. Data Safety and Reduced Data Silos: KoreCent ensured historical flight data and compliance data was migrated from the legacy system to the new ERPNext platform reducing data silos.
3. ERPNext platform reducing data silos. Workflow and Process Automation: Streamline all functional processes to optimise daily operations, improving efficiency across all departments.

The Achievements - Jet Speed Business

KoreCent’s custom-fit ERPNext system empowered CAA to achieve multi-fold improvements:
1. Better Accounting: Better accounting of expenses facilitated better cost management. Reduced overal expenses by 11%
2. Increased Profit: Measurable KPIs allowed for data-driven decision making, leading to increased profitability by 5%
3. Optimised Scheduling: 17% increase in uutomated and intuitive scheduling simplified aircraft booking and optimised fleet utilisation
4. Simplified Maintenance and Reduced Downtime: Improved data management of fleet usage, downtime and maintenance schedules and availability of spare parts. This helped reduce aircraft downtime by 9%.
5. Effective Training Management: The system streamlined training program administration and student progress tracking improved performance by 14%.
6. Improved Decision Making: Enhanced transparency across operations and data analytics helped the management draw valuable insights for effective decision making.
Many more….

Technologies and Tools

Platform: ERPNext
Framework: Frappe
Language: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Industry: Airlines and Aviation


By implementing KoreCent's bespoke ERP solution gave CCA a powerful tool to manage their growing operations, optimize costs, and minimize aircraft downtime. This allows them to focus on what they do best: nurturing the next generation of pilots.

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