How to gain more profits from your business using ERPnext?

Explore the advantages of its truly open-source nature, easy customization options, offline operation capabilities, and user-friendly interface.

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ERPNext is one of the fastest-growing ERP systems in the market for increasing profits. It included in the ERP FrontRunners List by Gartner’s leader quadrant. ERPNext was listed winner, ahead of 588 other ERP products that were listed as runners-up.

Let’s discover why most of the companies are moving to ERPNext.

Truly open source

When it comes to enterprise use of open source tools the biggest challenges that can trouble in future. Let’s take a deep dive in each one of them and see where ERPnext stands a chance.


ERPNext is a free and open source software published under GNU General Public License (GPLv3) license.

This license gives the freedom to use the software for whatever purpose you choose. To modify it to meet your purposes, to share it with anyone and to share the changes you make.

Easy customization

Unlike other softwares where changes to the source code may only be made by the software provider, ERPNext’s open source nature makes it simple to customise.

In ERPNext, little code is needed to implement any type of easy-to-moderate customisation. Depending upon the nature of your business and business processes, we can create a custom workflow, add new or customise existing fields, reports, print formats, Document Types and more.

Furthermore, the modular architecture of ERPnext makes it simpler to customise modules.

Can operate offline

Most ERP systems are dependent on the internet to function and problems with the internet are common. Many of times transactions get interrupted midway due to lack of internet. If the internet goes down, all data that hasn’t been saved will be lost and you’ll have to start the process all over again.

ERPNext prioritizes that most of your data remain intact and safe even when operating offline. It ensures your transactions are not stuck midway due to a lack of internet connection. The “accounts” can communicate among themselves even when dealing with the non-availability of an internet connection. ERPNext ensures that your data is synchronized when your internet back.

Extremely user-friendly

ERPNext is extremely easy to use. Finding anything and getting started snap with ERPNext simple user interface and helps increase profits.

There is this global search bar which called ‘awesome bar’ that enables you to locate any feature or particular document within a feature. Very intuitive interface eliminates the need of specialised user training and thus reduces a huge amount of training and development of end users.

At Korecent we always ensure that we understand the needs of users and suggest the best possible solution based upon the latest technological innovations. Should you have a challenge or have a project in mind do reach out to us at or contact here and we shall align best of our resources to discuss your needs.


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