how KoreCent helping Biiibo reach its customer at lighting speed

about our customer

Biiibo is an on-demand building material supplier based out of Toronto with a distinctive business model. The main feature of distinction is the time to deliver the material anywhere within their coverage area is under 2 hours. Means if you are anywhere in the building houses, malls, bridges or any other civil work and needs an extra hand to get the construction material right at the site of construction, irrespective of your size and scale, Biiibo is your pal. They deliver anything that you need for construction.

The Biiibo guy is just at your fingertips. You can pull your smartphone or any device that has a browser installed. You may access the website or the mobile application available on the Android Play Store or Apple Store to browse through a wide range of material as per your current needs. Select the purchase and checkout seamlessly by paying online. Once you complete your shopping, the system at the back-end starts various levels of alerts and dispatches to make this material reach at your doorstep within 2 hours.

the problem

Within two hours, operations including loading, unloading, stacking, and packaging were difficult to complete. In addition, most building materials may not be on hand at the warehouse. It was critical to have an automated system in place that would allow jobs to be accomplished in less time and improved material forecasting.

the solution

All this is enabled through the highly automated and streamlined system developed by KoreCent Solutions, right from the native mobile apps to the backend system that maintains the accounts, orders, distribution, employee data, payroll, and many more.

the achievements

With the use of customized and automated system Biiibo is successful in achieving

  • - Fast delivery with ease
  • - increased customer experience
  • - maintained supply chain
  • - decrease the raw material shortages and outages across warehouses
  • - increased profits
  • - real-time information available across the globe 
  • - remain responsive to dynamics of the market by taking timely actions.

many moreā€¦.