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KoreCent came to the rescue, providing a magical solution to Coffee-Bike GmbH's supply chain woes, effectively vanquishing all the obstacles

About our Customer

With more than 200 franchise partners in 13 countries worldwide, Coffee-Bike GmbH is one of the largest German franchise systems in the coffee industry. Since it was founded in 2010, Coffee-Bike has developed and perfected the concept of mobile and self-sufficient coffee shops on three wheels and successfully established it in numerous metropolises around the world, serving coffee lovers with the finest coffee from Africa through a very innovative way other than brick and mortar style coffee shops.


Coffee-Bike, a leading German franchise system in the coffee industry, faced a significant challenge with its supply chain operations due to a vast network of franchise partners. The timely delivery of raw materials to franchise partners was a constant source of stress and posed a risk to the customer experience. Coffee-Bike needed a solution that could tailor to their unique requirements and streamline their supply chain processes to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and boost efficiency.

the solution

The customized solution was designed to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as real-time tracking, automated inventory management, and predictive analytics to enable seamless coordination between the central warehouse and franchise partners. This allowed Coffee-Bike to have complete visibility of the entire supply chain process, from raw materials to delivery to the end customers.

KoreCent's supply chain solution also provided Coffee-Bike with advanced features like inventory forecasting, demand planning, and shipment optimization, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and operate with greater agility. With the customized solution in place, Coffee-Bike was able to reduce lead times, minimize waste, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Moreover, the supply chain solution provided valuable insights into the performance of the franchise partners, allowing Coffee-Bike to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted support to partners who were facing challenges.

The Achievements

1. With the new solution in place, Coffee-Bike was able to improve delivery times, reduce wastage, and enhance customer satisfaction levels.
2. The real-time tracking and automated inventory management features of the solution provided complete visibility of the entire supply chain process, allowing Coffee-Bike to make data-driven decisions.
3. Inventory forecasting and demand planning capabilities enabled Coffee-Bike to operate with greater agility and minimize stock-outs, improving overall efficiency.
4. The customized solution also provided valuable insights into franchise partner performance, allowing Coffee-Bike to provide targeted support to partners facing challenges and optimize the entire franchise network.
5. The tailored supply chain solution helped Coffee-Bike reduce costs and increase efficiency across their franchise network, ultimately contributing to increased profits and growth.
6. By partnering with KoreCent and implementing a customized supply chain solution, Coffee-Bike was able to enhance their competitive advantage and maintain their position as a leading German franchise system in the coffee industry.

Technologies and Tools

Platform: ERPNext
Framework: Frappe
Language: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Industry: Food & Beverages

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