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Revolutionizing Equipment Management: How KoreCent Built a Customized Platform for EUSECTRA's RFID technology

About our Customer

EUSECTRA, located at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Karlsruhe and Ispra, provides hands-on training to front-line officers, their management, trainers, and other experts in the field of nuclear and radioactive material detection. EUSECTRA's unique combination of scientific expertise, technical infrastructure, and availability of a wide range of nuclear materials makes it an essential complement to national training efforts. The training program offers trainees the opportunity to experience actual materials and commodities, making EUSECTRA one of the few places in the world where plutonium and uranium samples of different isotopic compositions can be used for detection, categorization, and characterization.


EUSECTRA needed a platform that would integrate all the information collected by RFID equipment used by security guards to track all the material that goes in and out of a plant for repair purposes. Additionally, they required a solution to track all information regarding maintenance and problems. EUSECTRA turned to Korecent, a leading technology provider, for help.

The Solution

KoreCent developed a comprehensive platform to meet EUSECTRA's requirements. The platform integrated the RFID Solution, enabling the tracking of equipment movement from one inventory to another. The platform recorded the time equipment stayed in each inventory, providing a detailed equipment log book. The platform also provided a solution to record problems related to equipment and helped to streamline maintenance management.

The maintenance management solution provided by the platform enabled EUSECTRA to maintain its equipment effectively, minimizing the need for costly repairs and reducing the risk of equipment failure. This solution helped EUSECTRA to ensure that its equipment was always in excellent working condition, allowing it to provide high-quality training services to front line officers, management, trainers, and other experts in the field.

The Achievements

The implementation of the platform provided EUSECTRA with an efficient solution to track all materials going in and out of the plant for repair purposes. The platform enabled EUSECTRA to monitor the materials' movement in real-time and ensure their safety and security. The solution also helped them to track maintenance and repair information, enabling them to identify any problems and address them promptly. The customized platform developed by Korecent met EUSECTRA's specific needs and provided a highly effective solution to address their challenges.

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