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Furniture Bazaar - Implementing an Advanced POS System for Efficient Service

About our Customer

Furniture Bazaar is a family-owned business and Western Australia's largest locally-owned furniture and bedding specialist. The company has six superstore locations strategically placed in Cockburn, Osborne Park, Midland, Cannington, Joondalup, and Rockingham to support the Northern and Southern regions of Western Australia. Furniture Bazaar is committed to delivering quality and efficient service and products to its customers while ensuring that its products are a contemporary fit to their home and lifestyle trends.


Furniture Bazaar faced several challenges related to their Point of Sale (POS) system. They needed an advanced POS system to improve the efficiency of their service and ensure a better customer experience. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that the POS graphical user interface (GUI) was tablet-friendly, enable return processes, and have advanced print formats.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, Furniture Bazaar partnered with KoreCent, a technology solutions provider. KoreCent implemented:

Customised POS System
To address Furniture Bazaar's specific needs, KoreCent, a technology solutions provider, implemented a customised POS system that could improve the speed and accuracy of transactions, provide a better return process, support advanced print formats, and provide a tablet-friendly GUI for staff. The new POS system was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling staff to quickly search for products, process transactions, and manage returns seamlessly.

Advanced Run Sheets
KoreCent also developed advanced run sheets for dispatchers, which helped streamline the delivery process and improve logistics efficiency. The run sheets provided detailed information about each order, including product details, customer information, and delivery schedules. Dispatchers could easily track the delivery status of each order and update customers on the estimated delivery time.

The Achievements

The implementation of the advanced POS system resulted in a 45% increase in the speed of transactions for walk-in customers. The customised POS system allowed Furniture Bazaar to provide efficient and quick service to their customers, resulting in a better customer experience. The advanced run sheets for dispatchers also helped streamline the delivery process, improving overall logistics efficiency.

Technologies and Tools

Platform: ERPNext
Framework: Frappe
Language: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Industry: Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing

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