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Haryana Masters Athletics Association

Revolutionizing Athlete Management and Event Organization with Korecent's Platform: A Case Study with HMAA

About our Customer

HMAA(Haryana Masters Athlete Association) is an athlete management portal that focuses on providing a platform for athletes to register themselves and participate in various sports events. The organization is responsible for organizing and managing various sports events for athletes and provides sponsorship opportunities for businesses.

The Challenge

Before approaching Korecent, HMAA faced several challenges related to athlete management. They lacked a centralized platform where athletes could register themselves, view all the championships, and apply for the events. This led to a lack of transparency and confusion among the athletes. HMAA also faced challenges in managing sponsorships for various sports events happening across the state.

The Solution

Korecent developed a comprehensive platform for HMAA to improve athlete management and event organization. The platform included several key features that helped HMAA to address their challenges.

Firstly, Korecent developed a user-friendly registration system for athletes. The registration process was streamlined, making it easy for athletes to sign up for events. The platform also allowed athletes to view all upcoming championships and apply for events according to their age and gender. Athletes could apply for a maximum of three events, ensuring a fair distribution of participation across various events.

Additionally, Korecent's platform allowed HMAA to manage sponsorships more effectively. The platform provided HMAA with a range of tools to attract potential sponsors and manage sponsor relationships. HMAA could now offer a range of sponsorship packages to potential sponsors, including brand visibility and recognition through advertising on the platform.

Furthermore, Korecent developed a system for tracking event results. The platform provided real-time updates on event results, making it easy for athletes, event organizers, and sponsors to stay updated on the latest developments. The platform also allowed athletes to view their performance history across multiple events, making it easier for them to track their progress.

Finally, Korecent's platform provided HMAA with a comprehensive content management system. This allowed HMAA to easily update and manage content on the platform, including event schedules, athlete information, and sponsor information. This ensured that the platform remained up-to-date and relevant, improving the overall user experience.

The Achievements

The user portal built by Korecent helped HMAA in streamlining their athlete management process. The centralized platform provided transparency and made it easier for athletes to participate in various sports events happening across the state. The user portal designed by Korecent also provided HMAA with the ability to manage sponsorships, making it easier for them to track sponsors and their contributions.

After implementing the user portal, HMAA saw a significant increase in athlete registrations and event participation. The platform's user-friendly interface helped in retaining users, and the feature to show sports events results provided users with valuable insights. Overall, the user portal built by Korecent proved to be a valuable asset for HMAA in managing athletes and sports events effectively.

Technologies and Tools

Platform: ERPNext
Framework: Frappe
Language: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Industry: Sport Management

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