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Tobien Trading

From Chaos to Control: How KoreCent Helped TOBIEN TRADING Streamline Operations and Ensure Compliance with Customized Solutions

About our Customer

TOBIEN TRADING is a company that supplies natural and high-quality raw materials for cosmetics or food industries. With over 15 years of experience and a global network, the company is well-known for its expertise and reliability. The MOGUNTIA Food Group and Pacovis AG are two of its long-standing clients that continue to benefit from TOBIEN TRADING's knowledge of raw materials.


Despite its success, TOBIEN TRADING was facing some challenges in its operations. One of the main issues was the lack of a centralized platform to manage its processes. The company had to rely on different tools and systems to handle its sales, inventory, and logistics. This led to inefficiencies, errors, and delays that affected its productivity and customer satisfaction. Another challenge was related to the calculation of taxes (VAT) in Germany. TOBIEN TRADING needed to comply with the legal requirements while ensuring accuracy and consistency in its calculations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, TOBIEN TRADING partnered with KoreCent, a digital solutions provider specializing in e-commerce and logistics. KoreCent worked closely with TOBIEN TRADING to understand its needs and requirements. Together, they developed a customized platform that would streamline the company's operations and improve its performance. The platform integrated all the key functions, such as sales, inventory, logistics, and accounting, into one system. This eliminated the need for multiple tools and systems, allowing TOBIEN TRADING to work more efficiently and accurately.

To comply with the legal requirements for VAT calculation, KoreCent helped implement functionality within the platform. This functionality automatically applied the correct tax rates based on the location and type of product. It also ensured that the calculations were consistent and accurate, reducing the risk of errors and penalties.

The Achievements

The collaboration between TOBIEN TRADING and KoreCent resulted in significant improvements in the company's operations and performance. With the new platform, TOBIEN TRADING was able to manage its processes more efficiently and effectively. The centralized system allowed the company to reduce errors and delays, improving its customer satisfaction and overall productivity. The functionality for VAT calculation also helped the company comply with legal requirements while ensuring accuracy and consistency. The platform proved to be a valuable investment for TOBIEN TRADING, enabling the company to grow its business and reputation.

Technologies and Tools

Platform: ERPNext
Framework: Frappe
Language: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Industry: Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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