The HR Revolution brewing just for you

Frappe HR is a cutting-edge, solution designed to elevate your team's performance. Streamline your HR and payroll operations effortlessly with a product meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements.

The HR Revolution brewing just for you

Trusted by teams of all sizes

Trusted by teams of all sizes

Why choose Frappe HR?

Easy to use, easier to manage

Streamline your operations by automating routine tasks and seizing control of your processes. Frappe HR empowers you to effortlessly manage intricate workflows, organize assignments effectively, and establish payroll systems with simplicity.

We believe in the freedom of choice

Leveraging the adaptable Frappe Framework, Frappe HR allows for seamless configuration and customization tailored to your preferences. Effortlessly create reports, forms, custom fields, print formats, and modify layouts on the go, adapting to your evolving needs with ease.

Affordable and Inclusive

Frappe HR caters to every stakeholder in the organization: from individual employees to entire teams and companies. Deliver unparalleled employee and HR experiences at accessible pricing, ensuring excellence for all.

The perfect brew of me and you

With our commitment to regular updates, unwavering support, and a steadfast focus on user satisfaction, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver the product you truly deserve.

Clutter-free experience

Experience delight with Frappe HR's clean user interface, intuitive navigation, and robust communication tracking. We aim to simplify processes and make your experience seamless, ensuring that tasks feel less overwhelming and more manageable.

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