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  • Multi-currency, multi-location and multi-language support which helps in handling global business operations
  • Track real-time financial performance and measure the impact of business decisions
  • Provides support for compliance with accounting standards such as GAAP and IFRS
  • Easily integrates financial data with other operational data, such as sales and inventory, providing a comprehensive view of the business that can help managers make better decisions
  • Built-in compliance and auditing features help businesses to meet regulatory requirements and ensure that financial data is accurate and reliable

  • Provides compliance with various legal regulations related to payroll and taxes, which can help organizations avoid penalties and fines
  • Self-service portal for employees to access their personal information, request leaves and raise other concerns
  • Track employee performance and productivity through the use of appraisal system, which can help managers identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about promotions, bonuses, and other incentives
  • Support for multiple pay-scales, taxes, and deductions, making it suitable for businesses operating in different regions and countries

  • Automated marketing and sales processes, such as lead management and email campaigns, to improve customer engagement and conversion rates
  • Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping them to improve their marketing and sales strategies
  • Tools for managing customer communication, including email and SMS integration, which can help businesses to stay in touch with their customers and improve customer engagement
  • Allows businesses to segment their customer base by demographics, location, and other factors, making it easier to target specific groups of customers with tailored marketing campaigns
  • Allows businesses to store all customer information in one centralized location, making it easy to access and manage customer data

  • Real-time inventory tracking and reporting, providing businesses with a clear picture of their inventory levels and helping them to make better-informed decisions
  • Automation of repetitive tasks, such as purchase order creation and receipt of goods, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up time for more important tasks
  • Includes built-in warehouse management features that allow businesses to track the location of products within a warehouse, and manage the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse
  • Allows businesses to manage logistics and transportation, from tracking deliveries to planning routes and optimizing transportation costs

  • Easily craft stunning and dynamic web pages without coding using the drag-and-drop page builder
  • Built-in SEO tools to optimize meta tags, URLs, headers, and alt text for images to enhance your website's ranking on search engine results pages.
  • Customizable forms to capture leads and customer data. Integrate lead generation forms seamlessly with your CRM, enabling efficient follow-ups
  • Easily manage content in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience and enhancing the user experience for international customers
  • Easily connect your website with other ERPNext modules, such as CRM, inventory, and accounting, for a unified business management solution

  • Design and launch captivating online stores effortlessly with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Built-in SEO tools optimise meta tags, URLs, and image descriptions to ensure your products shine in search engine results
  • Order processing and management, from order creation to fulfillment, ERPNext's e-Commerce module streamlines the entire process for a seamless customer experience
  • Supports secure payment gateways, ensuring smooth and secure transactions every time
  • Synchronizes inventory data in real-time, preventing overselling and ensuring accurate stock levels

Revolutionize your Financial Management with ERPNext!

With 'Charts of Accounts' tab, you can easily view your finances in a clean and organized way , empowering you to make well-informed decisions

Effortless document management with ERPNext's file manager

Experience simplified document handling with ERPNext's File Manager. Centralized storage, quick search, version control, and access management empower productivity, making document management a breeze

Enhance your website's SEO effortlessly using ERPNext's integrated SEO tools within Website Management module.

Unlock the power of SEO optimization with ERPNext's comprehensive suite of built-in tools, seamlessly integrated into the Website management module. Elevate your website's visibility, improve search engine rankings, and attract more organic traffic with ease. Say goodbye to complex SEO processes and hello to a simplified, effective solution that puts your website at the forefront of online success.

Simplify data collection with ERPNext's web forms

Streamline data collection and automation with ERPNext's Web Forms. Effortlessly gather, manage, and analyze crucial information, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Transform your startup's outreach with ERPNext newsletter magic️

Experience the ERPNext newsletter advantage! elevate your startup's outreach with effortless communication. Engage your audience, amplify your brand, and thrive in the world of seamless, growth-focused communication

Enhance your business's potential with ERPNext's dashboard

Seamlessly generate customized statistical reports with ERPNext's dashboard for a comprehensive understanding of your business operations and insights

Industry Verticals

A cloud-based enterprise resource planning software that can be used by a wide range of industries


Get detailed visibility into your manufacturing business. manage production, inventory, and supply chain processes


Intelligent, intuitive and modern retail management software for multi-channel sales, inventory and accounting. raise your sales to the next level


Your service selling made easy and effortless. Manage every aspect of your service business from sales to billing, from accounting to scheduling


ERPNext is modular and scalable, handling operations from small clinics to large hospitals, with hospital-wide functionality


The most feature-rich open source ERP/CRM for schools and colleges. Retain students, generate revenue and focus on your core mission


From events to donations, everything is tracked in one place. So that you can focus on your core mission rather than managing your finance and other activities


Create and manage your own e-commerce site, product catalog, inventory, shipments and marketplace with one ERP software


Keep track of your farming operations. Manage your farm with its real-time single dashboard. optimize your land, crop yield and financials easily

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Boost your business with built-in third party services

The ultimate ERP solution with seamless integration capabilities

Unleash synergy: elevate your business with ERPNext Enterprise Plus & monday.com integration

Imagine a world where your project management, task tracking, and lead management processes seamlessly synchronize with your financials, inventory management, and HR functions. With our integrated solution, you'll experience a unified approach to business operations that drives productivity, enhances decision-making, and propels your company towards unparalleled success

Seamless Outlook Calendar integration with ERPNext Enterprise Plus

Discover a new level of productivity and collaboration with our innovative integration of Outlook Calendar and ERPNext. Streamline your workflow and effortlessly manage your schedules, tasks, and events in one unified platform

The fusion of ERPNext Enterprise Plus and the Supplier Portal

With the ERPNext Supplier Portal, your suppliers are equipped with the tools they need to take charge of their product information and inventory levels, fostering stronger partnerships and accelerating your supply chain processes


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